Vidas de los Padres, Martires y otros Principales Santos, IX
8.5 in HIGH x 6 in WIDE x 1.5 in DEEP
(20.95 cm HIGH x 15.24 cm WIDE x 3.81 cm DEEP)
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Vidos de los Padres, Martires y o tros Prin. Santos. Tomo IX, 1791. 522 pages

From the History Information Station:Object: Twelve books published in Spain in the late 18th century.History: In the early days of Alta California, there were no established schools outside the missions. What little education the children of Californios obtained, they got from family members. Books typically dealt with religious topics, for novels were considered inappropriate reading for young people. Later, California's Mexican governors encouraged education, but schools were limited in number and quality. Teachers were often retired soldiers whose qualifications were any knowledge at all of reading, writing, and "figuring." Their primary teacher's aid was the disciplina, a whip made of nine knotted cords, which they freely applied. If you would like to know the titles and authors of any or all of these books, they are listed on the next screen.Museum PurchaseThe Three R'sLa Ciencia del Christiano, by El P. Juan de Arana. Published in Seville, 18th century. Compendio de la Doctrina Regular y Mistica, by Juan Sanz Lopez. Published in Madrid in 1785. Quaresma del Padre Pablo Seneri, by Padre Pablo Seneri. Published in Barcelona in 1724. A_o Virgineo Cuyos Dias Son, by Dr. Don Estevan Dolz del Castellar. Published in Madrid in 1727. Vidos de los Padres, Martires y Otros Principales Santos, IX, by Albano Butler. Published in Valladolid in 1791. Sermones, by P. Carlos Frey de Neuville. Published in Madrid in 1786. Sermones del el Padre, Luys Burdalue, by Luys Burdalue. Published in Ambres in 1740. Historia General de la Iglesia, written by Abad de Choysi. Published in Madrid in 1755. Sermones Tomo IV, translated from French by Don Blas Julian y Carrera. Published in Madrid in 1773. Sermones Sobre Varios Asuntos Tomo Tercero, translated from French by Don Blas Julian y Carrera. Published in Madrid in 1773. Sermones del P.D. Nicolas Gallo, by P.D. Nicolas Gallo. Published in Madrid in 1778. Obras Espirituales, by Luis de la Puente. Published in Madrid in 1754.

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