Looking into the Devil's Gate, Weber From the South
3.25 HIGH x 3.25 WIDE x 0.125 DEEP
(8.25 HIGH x 0.32 DEEP)
Museum Purchase

"400" handwritten in ink at bottom left on lantern slide edge.

"#400 Devil's Gate Bridge, General view. Old number may be Russell negative number. See donor file.

"419. Looking into the Devil's Gate, Weber from the South" title per Glenn Willumson."The first Devil's Bridge was put up quickly so the railroad would be complete but it was made of simple timber with supports in the river; it was deemed unstable and had to be replaced by a more sturdy bridge which spanned the river without needing supports. I believe the bridge washout delayed the ceremonies at Promontory. This stereograph shows the speed and power of the river that damaged the first bridge. Stereograph number 409. Devil's Gate Bridge, Perspective View shows a closer view of this bridge and 408. Perspective View of Combination Bridge, Devil's Gate shows the newer, more secure bridge. See other photographs of the Devil's Gate Bridge." Remarks per Glenn Willumson for the NEA Russell Grant, July 2013 - June 2015.

Public Domain Mark
This work (by Andrew J. Russell), identified by Oakland Museum of California, is free of known copyright restrictions.

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