WHAT DO YOU CALL THE OBJECT? record BECAUSE: record of songs. THE OBJECT REPRESENTS: family and play EXPLAIN WHY (BELIEF OR FEELING): plays record for enjoyment alone or with family. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION - SHAPE: round COLOR(S): black MATERIAL: molded resin CULTURAL DESCRIPTION OF OBJECT: WHERE DID YOU FIND IT? In sister's bedroom - sister 10 yrs. old HOW DID IT GET THERE? (Where did it come from) Mother bought it for sister at a store. WHO DID IT BELONG TO? Sister - WHO MADE IT? Elektra Records- 1855 Broadway - N.Y., U.S.A. HOW WAS IT MADE? First make mold out of steel- then pour liquid into mold then press. WHAT OTHER KINDS OF OBJECTS ARE SIMILAR TO THIS ONE OR USED WITH THIS ONE? Other records and play them on a record player. HOW IS THE OBJECT USED? You place record on turntable, put tone arm down, and listen. WHO USES THE OBJECT MOST OF THE TIME? Sister WHERE WOULD YOU USUALLY FIND THE OBJECT? In a record store, record stand in sister's room IS IT BROKEN OR COMPLETE?--what is missing? Complete WHAT DO YOU FEEL ABOUT IT, THINK ABOUT IT--YOUR ATTITUDE: like it- something to listen to if in the mood. VALUE: WHAT IS THE FUTURE HISTORICAL VALUE OF THE OBJECT? music on record will sound different - mostly there will be tapes- WHY DID YOU SELECT IT? something to play with- HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK THE OBJECT IS WORTH TODAY? $1.00 WOULD YOU LIKE TO KEEP THE OBJECT? Yes-

Used: Emerson School | Rockridge neighborhood | Lawton Ave., Oakland | Student | Family

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