19th c.
11 in HIGH
(27.94 cm HIGH)
Museum Purchase

(a) Calif. Kitchen Exhibit

Jugs. Description: two; brownware, hand thrown, Calif. Assoc. Good condition. Dimensions: .a 11" hi, 8 1/2" dia. .b 13" hi. Salt-glazed stoneware jug. Stoneware is harder and denser than more common earthenware, and was often used for liquid containers because it didn't leak and was nearly unbreakable. The orange-peel surface comes from salt being thrown into the kiln, where it vaporises and makes the jug's surface pucker. In most towns settlers could buy jugs like this from a local merchant. From the History Information Station: Most pioneer cooks kept jugs of cider vinegar handy for cooking. Jugs were also used for water, cider and buttermilk. Stoneware made excellent jugs because its' hard dense surface helped keep liquids cool.
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