c. 1900
23.5 in HIGH x 17.5 in WIDE
(59.69 cm HIGH x 44.45 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

Transition Wall 10/78 MG

Shoe repair sign. Description: "Repairing Neatly Done" with boot and high top shoe, all in slight relief on sheet metal sign, yellow background, black lettering, black shoes. History: One of several signs found in the mansion of family of A.A. Voorhies & Co., Sacramento, Calif. The mansion was recently torn down. From the History Information Station: Shoes were an expensive and important possession in Victorian California. Most people owned only one or two pair and took pains to keep them in good condition. When a sole wore out, it was replaced; when a toe poked through, the hole was patched until there was nothing more to patch. A good cobbler was an important figure in every community. It was in the late 19th century that the cobbler's job changed emphasis, from shoe making to shoe repairing. This sign reflects that change. Some people continued to have shoes made, but most now bought shoes ready-made from big Eastern factories.

Used: A.A. Voorhies & Co. ~ Sacramento

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