c.1885-1895|c. 1854-1915
2.75 in WIDE
(6.98 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Warren Hook

"Alphabets, Bobbins and Cross-stitch: Samplers and Needlework Tools from the Collection of the Oakland Museum," History Special Gallery, 9/18/93 - 4/3/94.

Scrap book. Description: Scrapbook, ornate book cardboard cover with design paper cut-outs on surface of cover. Large assortment of business cards, greeting cards and postcards, relating to the Oakland area. c. 1854-1915. History: See file, Mrs. Warren Hook for individual listing of cards. Advertising card with image of girl dressed in burgundy dress and hat with archery going on in the background. Inez Brooks-Myers, May 7, 2009: This lithographed advertising card is described above, but note the additions, that she is wearing black and brown high button boots, and tan gloves with her bow in her hands. The bow is threaded with the O.N.T. Clark product. She is also "speaking" in "baby talk:" "Please break dis for me."

This is one in a series of advertising cards produced by O.N.T. Clark's thread. The cards usually showed the strength of the product. Such cards were often collected by children at merchants' fairs, and put in scrapbooks. (Indicated by the fact that there is a scrapbook in this collection.)

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