Scrap book. Description: Scrapbook, ornate book cardboard cover with design paper cut-outs on surface of cover. Large assortment of business cards, greeting cards and postcards, relating to the oakland area. c. 1854-1915. History: See file, Mrs. Warren Hook for individual listing of cards. The cards need to be renumbered following a standard numbering practices. Inez Brooks-Myers, May 11, 2009: This tan colored advertising card is one in a series; this one is entitled "The Excursionist." The illustration shows a girl, seated on a bench, her right elbow resting on a railing (her right hand holding her head), while she eats a sandwich held in her left hand. She is dressed in a bright pink hat, a matching dress and long stockings. Her high shoes are brown. From the design and scale of the bench and railing she appears to perhaps be on a ferry boat, on a day's excursion. Across the top of the card, printed in black: "J. A. Miller, Furniture Store, Upholstery a Specialty, 1009 Market St. Bet. 6th and 7th., S. F." The initials of the illustrator appear at the bottom proper left of the card.

Trade cards, or advertising cards, like this one, often were collected by children and pasted into scrapbooks. See item H70.121.1RR, a card for the same company, which tells more of the story of the day trip.

Used: advertising | Childhood

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