After 1874 (G. Hackett 11/89)
10 in HIGH x 14 in WIDE x 7 in DEEP
(25.40 cm HIGH x 35.56 cm WIDE x 17.78 cm DEEP)
Gift of Joan Pearson Watkins

cooking pot. Description: Cast iron cooking pot. Enameled interior. From the History Information Station: Enameled cast iron pots came into use in the 1880's, for they were easier to clean than plain iron, and smooth enamel was considered more sanitary than metal. Not everyone liked them, however. Many found that enamel chipped easily and worried that it would cause lead poisoning. Not until the 1890's, when refinements in enamel and steel manufacturing allowed the production of enameled steel cooking pots, did enameled pots gain popularity.

Used: cooking ~ kitchen ~ utensil

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