8.75 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE x 6 in DEEP
(22.22 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE x 15.24 cm DEEP)
Gift of Joan Pearson Watkins

Pitcher. Description: Buff earthenware milk pitcher with lustrous brown glaze. From the History Information Station: Pitcher, red earthenware,or redware. Sometimes called a "batter pitcher." Lots of inexpensive redware dishes were made in quantities all over the U.S., so a settler might have brought this pitcher or bought it from California potters. Among other things, this pitcher was used to mix pancake batter and pour it into pans and tins. It was also handy for pouring milk, water, syrup, or other liquids. Nowadays such liquids come in small containers which are easy to pour from. But pioneers produced most foods at home, or bought them in bulky containers, then decanted them into sturdy pitchers for everyday use.

Used: milk

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