Gift of Mr. George R. Kane

Exhibited:"Frontier Medicine," Breuner Gallery, May 9-Aug 3,1980

BILLS OF LADING. Description: A. "Tum Suden, dealer in Groceries, hardware, Paints and oils," East Oakland, May 24, 1895. B. "Brooklyn lumber yard," Brooklyn. Aug. 21, 1873. C. "Stiere & Colby Dr., dealers in Groceries, Provisions, hardware, Crockeryware, etc." Oakland, Feb. 29, 1876. D. "H. Tum suden & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in groceries Crockery, hardware, Patent Medicines, Wines, Oakland, 1877. E. "H. Tum Suden & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in groceries, Crockery, hardware Patent Medicines, Wines Oakland, 1876. F. F. Sckimmelptenning, Dr. tinware, Gas-fitting, plumbing & jobbing," East Oakland, 1876. w/attached addenda. G. "H.Tum Suden & co., (etc. above); East Oakland, 1876. H. W.H.H. Hamilton, Dr. Balcksmithing, horse shoeing, carriage making; Brooklyn", 1876. I. "Brooklyn lumber yard," Brooklyn. 187_. History: Part of a collection of the records and document of the Brooklyn Fire Dept.
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