Fraternal Uniform. Description: A. Hat, black velvet with white ostrich plume and silver metal trimming. Napoleonic shape. B. black velvet apron with silver thread fringe and silver metal symbols - skull & cross bones, triangle shape with silver rope strings. C. Sew-on oranamental fabric symbol of red cross surrounded by silver cross. Black velvet background w/scalloped velvet border-oval shape. D. Jacket, black felt with sew on symbol "Nev No. 1" sewn w/thread on collar. Nehru style. E. Black velvet cape w/silver thread embroidery (flower leaf mother, large cross), white silk card tie and white taffeta quilted lining. silver card edging. F. collar to be worn arround neck and shoulders-Green velvet w/flower and leaf silver embroidery design, silver ribbon edging and green taffeta lining, silver ornamental symbol at base of triangular collar. G. Symbolic scarf to be worn over neck and shoulder down chest. Elaborate silver thread embroidery of leaf and flower H. navy blue, tuxedo pants w/silk strip bow outside of leg. I. Hat, civil was soldier type with patent leather visor and black silk top. silver cord band w/sewn on silver thread, cross applique. J. Oil cloth skull caps (black). K. Black oil cloth napoleonic hat. L. Black faille skull cap w/red felt cross. M. pair of black cotton gloves N. Trunk for faternal material "Weld Arnold Reno" painted on front and side. Brown w/brown leather edging straps. Brass lock clasp. colored cotton sword holder. 39". This trunk w/material was found in a dump near Concord by the Davenports. Nice to have! (Joan Severa, 3/10/1994)

Used: Knights Templar | Fraternal order | Ceremony | Weld Arnold | Reno, NV | Adult | Male

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