c. 1900
8.75 in|8.5 in HIGH x 3.5 in WIDE x 7.5 in DEEP
(22.22 cm|21.59 cm HIGH x 8.89 cm WIDE x 19.05 cm DEEP)
Gift of Ralph E. Srathearn

Exhibited: "Downtown Dog Show" Dec. 16-Feb. 4, 1978, de Young Museum Downtown Center. Exhibition Histories-"`A' is for Animal Nov. 10, 1976 thru jan. 31, 1977 Calif. Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Paper Mache Dog. Description: Paper Mache Dog, Phonograph symbol "His master's Voice's" c. 1900. History: Mrs. Forsyths' grandfather worked in S.F. w/visual arcade machined. He had first license in west to distribute Edison phonograph her uncle worked w/Edison. Condition Note TKP 4/20/2009: Surface losses throughout and proper left ear torn.

Used: phonograph ~ symbol | Logo | His Master's Voice

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