photographs. Description: a-h eight black and white photographs dealing with the gardening and eating facilities. 1-u fourteen black and white photographs showing Oak Knoll Hospital operations, wounded in bed, telephone operations, x-ray and iron lung, etc. v-ii fourteen black and white photographs showing recreational activities at hospital. Personalities performing for the wounded, crafts and machine shop activitied for recouperation. jj-qq seven black and white photographs of navy personnel at the hospital. History: Photographs are official US Navy phots from the Graphic Arts Dept. of Oak Knoll Hospital in Oak. Scenes are all during the WWII period and were taken for a publication. The Oak Leaf. (D. Curry, 12/4/98) Photo shows a group of four men, including Lionel Hampton (musicians), posing for a shot in front of a large banner for Coca-Cola and the slogan "The Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands." In the foreground is a drum set. In front of the drum set is a plaque with "LH" on it which stood for Lionel Hampton Orchestra. Apparently, Lionel Hampton's big band was performing at this event.
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