4.5 in HIGH x 21.25 in WIDE x 2 in DEEP
(11.43 cm HIGH x 53.97 cm WIDE x 5.08 cm DEEP)
Gift of E. L. Buttner

"The Famous Voyage of Sir Francis Drake", Great Hall, June 17-Sept. 8, 1979.

pistol. Description: Single shot .56 caliber pistol with wood stock and ramrod, and steel lock, trigger, guard, butt plate and octagonal barrel. Wheel lock Lionitz? "2" on lock. 21" l c 5" h. 13" barrel. made in Germany. (B. Hopp) Wheellock Pistol. 56 caliber wheellock pistol. Single shot. Muzzle-loading. 21" overall. 13" octagonal barrel. Smoothbore. Ignition was provided by a spark produced when a piece of pyrite was brought in contact with a revolving serrated wheel. This wheel pierced the bottom of the flash pan, containing priming powder. The pyrite is held in the jaws of the dog head and placed over the lid of the pan. Tension, provided by an external feather spring, kept the pyrite in contact with the pan. The wheel was wound with a spanner. When the trigger weas pulled, the lid of the pan opened, the wheel turned and the resulting sparks ignited the priming charge. This, in turn ignited the main charge in the barrel.

Used: firearm

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