12.25 in HIGH
(31.11 cm HIGH)
Museum Purchase

Basket, Cahuilla attribution College basket, coiled. Cahuilla. Lopsided, probably thru use, shows some wear--especially on bottom, several breaks along rim. Zigzag design in black between two black bands (single course), six places where juncus has brown shade, one solid black triangle in zigzag band."(Dawson) "Black could be rattlesnake head."(Lowell Bean, 7/92) From the History Information Station "Object: Basket made by coiling. It was collected among the Cahuilla. History: The native peoples of Southern California used baskets as kitchen utensils, serving trays, and dishes. The Cahuilla made flat-bottomed basket trays and bowls with flaring sides, like this one. They were used to store, cook, and serve seeds and other foostuffs, and to hold household items."
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