No. ET 144. CAMERA, 5x7"; LENS, 7-18"; SCENE, section of tube enroute to Alameda in tow of tugs, taken about 8/4 mile inside Estuary; LOCATION of CAMERA: on pilot house of rear most tug attached to this section; Print 8x10" enlargement from part of negative; CAMERAMAN, Wallace White. Albums. a: First album of photographs of the construction of the Posey Tube to Alameda, July 10, 1925 - 12 23 1925. b: Second album - 10/19/26. c: Third album - 2/7/27. d: Fourth album - 2/29/28. These albums have been assigned new accession numbers: A retains 71.67.1. B has become 71.67.2. C has become 71.67.3 and D has become 71.67.4.
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