Photographic prints. Description: Original photographic prints, 36, from a 20 volumne set The North american Indian, written illustrated and published by Edward S. Curtis. The complete set of supplimentry prints numbers 472 to 507 which accompany volumne 14 dealing with the Wailaki, the Pomo., the Wappo, the Maidu, the Miwok and the Yokut Indians of Northern California. 500 original sets of the North American Indian were published. History: See file "Oakland Museum Bookstore" for complete list of prints. Note: A-LL would be 38 photos, Presume Mistake with initial accessioning. That is J & K are omitted from Acc. List and no plates are omitted. OJT 2/80 71.78.1a The Hunter - Pomo (474) 71.78.1b Old "Ukian" - Pomo (473) 71.78.1c Mitat -Wailaki (472) 71.78.1d A Mixed-Blood Coast - Pomo (476) 71.78.1e The Burden-Basket - Coast Pomo (475) 71.78.1f Shatila - Pomo (478) 71.78.1g On the Shores of Clear Lake (477) 71.78.1h A Pomo Girl (482) 71.78.1i Gathering Tules - Lake Pomo (481) 71.78.1j missing 71.78.1k missing 71.78.1l Wild Grapes - Pomo (480) 71.78.1m A Summer Camp - Lake Pomo (479) 71.78.1n Fishing Camp - Lake Pomo (487) 71.78.1o A Coast Pomo Girl (486) 71.78.1p Pomo Baskets, Motar and Pestle (485) 71.78.1q Pomo Seed-Gahtering Utensils (484) 71.78.1r A Coast Pomo Woman (483) 71.78.1s Canoe of Tules - Pomo (489) 71.78.1t Aged Pomo Woman (488) 71.78.1u A Miwok Head-Man (493) 71.78.1v Otila - Maidu (492) 71.78.1w A Wappo Woman (491) 71.78.1x A Wappo (490) 71.78.1y A Yauelmani Yokuts (498) 71.78.1z A Chukchansi Yokuts (497) 71.78.1aa The Fisherman - southern Miwok (496) 71.78.1bb A Southern Miwok (495) 71.78.1cc The Fishing Pool - Southern Miwok (494) 71.78.1DD BY THE POOL - Tule River reservation (501) 71.78.1ee Rattlesnake Design in Yokuts Basketry (500) 71.78.1ff Art As Old As The Tree - Sotuhern Yokuts (499) 71.78.1gg Yokuts Basketry Designs (a) (502) 71.78.1hh Yokuts Basketry Designs (b) (503) 71.78.1ii A Chukchansi Yokuts Type (504) 71.78.1jj A Chukchansi Matron (505) 71.78.1kk Ouiet Waters - Tule River Reservation (506) 71.78.1ll A Yaudanchi Yokuts Woman (507)

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