Pour conserver son or il ne faut dormir que d'un ceil
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Creil-Montereau Scenic Plates of California History. Description: 1. Plates, Creil-Montereau, manufactured by Milliet & Co., France Scenes of California history, four of a series, each 8 1/4" diameter, ca. 1850. White porcelain with border of relief fluted scallop design. Blue color stripes bordering scallop design. Center of plates show anecdotal scenes of early California history ( concerning the gold rush) in grey transfer printing. Scenes are labeled in French. Potters trademark on back is grey transfer printed, surrounded by two griffin-dragons: Leferf Milliet & Co., Medailles Dor, 1834 39 et 44 (49 on #10), Porcelaine Opaque, Creil et Montereau. a. Scene numbered No. 3 entitled "Grande revue des troupes de la garnison de San Francisco". Back of plate impressed 5. b. Scene numbered No. 1, entitled: Robert Macaire et Bertant arrivent en Californie." Artists name Lanz appears on edge of scene. Back of plate impressed stamped K and 5. c. Scene numbered No. 10, entitled "Pour conserver son or il ne faut dormir que d'un ceil" Back of plate stamped impressed 5. Translation: "To keep his gold, he sleeps with one eye open." d. Scene numbered No. 12, entitled "Bilboquet montant au pulic les enchantillons d'or de la californie." Artist names R. Demoraine, P. Lanz appear at bottom edge of print. Stamp impressed 5 and K.

Used: California history ~ commemorative

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