Early 19th century
.25 in|.5 in WIDE
(.63 cm|1.27 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jeanne Thurlow Miller

Gold Fever! The Lure and Legacy of the California Gold Rush. Jan. 24, 1998 - Oct. 31, 1999

Spoons. Description: Two spoons, 10 inched long, hand wrought iron, coated with wax, bowls quite shallow and leaf shaped with pointed ends. Handles vary from 1/4" to 1/2" wide with chisled decorations at side. Handles end with closed curl soldered to base. Found at close of the Castro Adobe in 1960. Spoons made in the Spanish style, presumably by artisans living on the ranch. (DC 12/93) This may well be the Jose Castro adobe at San Juan Bautista.

Used: Castro Adobe | San Juan Bautista | Mexican period

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