Broadway at 22th street, Oakland. (D. Cooper, 3/2000) This image appeared in "Oakland Revisited" with the following caption: "Key Route Inn, 1909, Gabriel Moulin" (P. Mendelsohn, 8/2002) Continuing the reference from the above source: "The railway lines of the Oakland Traction Company and the Key Route System met here at the Key Route Inn. Developed by Frank C. Havens and F. M. Smith in 1907, the inn boasted several shops, a restaurant, and 180 rooms. President William H. Taft was a guest here on his visit to Oakland in 1911. Originally at 22nd and Broadway, the inn was demolished in 1932 to extend Grand Avenue from Broadway to Telegraph Avenue." San Pablo Gateway neighborhood.

Used: V.J. Coley ~ Special Agent

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