Gift of Mrs. William E. Fitzgerald

Weddings California Style, 5/19/1995 - 9/17/1995, History Special Gallery History In Hand: Fans From the Collections of The Oakland Museum, 4/16/1986 - 7/6/1986, History Special Gallery

Fan; box; calling card. Description: a): painted paper fan with early 19th century wedding scene, signed "M. Verdetti"; mother of pearl staves with gilded floral embellishment; gilded and cable-mounted suspension ring; Spanish. b): satin lined white box. c): accompanying calling card of Mrs. William Dargie, inscribed in ink on face: "For Miss Helen High with love of an old friend-of-your parents -and memory of one who also held your family in high esteem. Emina Peralta Dargie"; and on reverse: "Oct. 1913. The fan-Madrid-Espana. A wedding scene in the Cathedral of Valencia, in the beginning of the last century.--Engagement gift." History: from effects of G.B. Daniels by his niece. G.B. Daniels was one of early pioneer settlers in Oakland; came from Mendocino Co. and settled on ranch on Howe St., Oakland; subsequently purchased picture framing and stationary store on Piedmont Ave. (cf photo of interior) and ultimately bought and published Oakland Inquirer. Dimensions: length of staves: 9.625". The wedding dress depicted on the fan is an 1880s bustle dress. Wonderful church interior. The condition is very fragile. It is not early 20th century as originally catalogued, more like 1892-1905. (Joan Severa, 3/1/1994)

Used: adult | Female | Ermina Peralta Dargie | Helen High

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