a- c. 1935, straw hat w/flowers. b- c. 1938, green w/feather. c- c. 1955, chiffon, yellow and orange d- c. 1940, green hat with black net, red poppies e- c. 1940's, blllue straw, spray blue cloth flowers f- c. 1960?, blk chiffon and velvet g- c. 1950, rose petal, black veil h- c. 1950, blk felt w/blk feather i- c. 1939, blk net w/feathers j- c. 1060, straw hat w/brocade ribbon k- c. 1950s, blk straw w/pink roses l- c. 1950 m- ND, feather hat band, blue/black feathers n- c. 1960, straw pillbox w/rose This is a whimsey - label "Hilma Jameson, Oakland" (IBM 9/93) 1950's!!! (Joan Severa, 3/10/1994)

Used: adult | Female | Estrellita | Cocktail party

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