20th century
Gift of Mrs. Esther Fenner-Fuller

Place setting materials. Description: Place setting materials. a) 1 used package. "Stan-pak. Roylies - Paper Place Mats". China. "Syracuse china. Econo-rim -- trademark patented" b&c) 2 demi-tasse cups d&e) 2 coffee cups f&g) 2 saucers. China. "Steri-inc.--Permafired shina - East Liverpool, Ohio" h&i) 2 saucers. Glassware j&k) 2 sherry glasses. Plain. l&m) 2 parfait glasses. Gently fluted. n&o) 2 sheberts. Gently Fluted. p&q) 2 dessert plates. Plain. r) 1 ashtray s) 1 sugar server. 2 handles. Sextagonal t,u,v,&w) 2 pair salt and pepper shakers. Steel caps x) 1 creamer (small). Reed and Barton Stainless Steel Flatware. One place setting: y&z) 2 knives aa&bb) 2 teaspoons cc&dd) 2 soup spoons ee&ff) 2 serving spoons gg,hh,ii,jj) 4 forks. kk) Ice water pitcher. Aluminum with black plastic handle. "TablecraftProducts, Chicago, Made in USA -- 2 1/2 qts." ll) 1 coffee pot w/black plastic handle. "Silex" - by Corning mm) 1 wicker bread/cracker basket. nn) 1 aluminum individual tea server or creamer. Japanese Stainless steel. History: From Fenner-Fuller Restaurant (see 73.218.1)

Used: Fenner Fuller Restaurant | Adams Point neighborhood

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