Photographs (9). Description: Nine class photographs from Lakeview Elementary School, Oakland, Ca. Date inclusive from 1915 - 1923. Photographed by Hugo Weitz, 3011 Capp Street, Fruitvale. Students names listed on back of mount board. Black and white print, mounted on greyboard. Lakeview School, ca. 1921, names on back of photo as follows: "Names - Marie F. Allen, Dorothy Wilson, Beatrice Portillo, Jack DuFrane, Isabel Gray, margaret Jeanne Kuhl, Dot Wagner, D. Llewellyn T., Bernice Blair, Elinor Mayon, Marjorie Blewitt, George Williams, Russell Cushing, Madie Anderson, Willie Linville, Madison Jones, Jr., Henry Eudey, Elizabeth Pottinger, Junichi Fujimori, Robert Mott, Beatrice Silva, Dunstan Geary, Jane Levensaler, Billie Maxfield, Charles Ocken, Katherine Kinsey, Margaret Murray, Frances Halliday, Albert Ghirardelli, Jr., Milton Crabb 7A 8/21/21, Hugh Avery, George Geary; Teacher - Jessica S. Wayland"; each student signed own name
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