Reprint. Description: Aloha airplane. Reprints of original by Jackson Welsh. Preparations for the Dole flight to Hawaii. [Diane Curry, 6-13-96] This is one of the competitors in the Dole Race or Dole Derby which was an air race from Oakland to Hawaii from August 16-18, 1927. There were fifteen original entries but due to various accidents and mechanical problems only eight planes actuall took off and only two ever reached Hawaii. The race was sponsered by James Dole of Dole Hawaiian Pineapple. The "Golden Eagle" was piloted by John G. Frost of San Francisco and Gordon Scott from Santa Monica was the navigator. The plane was a Lockheed Vega. Frost was 29, a former army pilot was worked as a stockbroker. Scott was 26 and an engineer for Douglas Aircraft and an experienced navigator. The plane was all plywood designed by John Northrop. The plane was purchased for the race by Gorge Hearst, publisher of the SF Examiner. The "Golden Eagle" was fourth plane to take off in the race. The plane was not seen again although there was evidence that the plane reached Hawaii but crashed into Mauna Loa which was often shrouded by fog. Scott's younger brother carried on a search of the slops of the mountain for several months since several people had reported seeing flares from the side of the mountain on August 17th. But due to the terrian the search was eventually given up. Frost was considered a good but not outstanding pilot while Scott was considered a more than competint navigator and their plane had been one of the leading contenders in the race.
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