Reprint. May 31, 1996 (ME) Description: Miss Doran Airplane (Buehl Air Sedan Bi-Plane) sponsored by Lincoln Oils from Flint, MI. Miss Mildred Doran the 22 year old "flying school ma'am" was a passenger (mascot) on the plane and the plane was named after her. Her pilot, John Augy Pedler and the navigator was Lt. Vilas Knope. Miss Doran's father worked for Lincoln Petroleum and bought the plane. It had red wings and nose a white body and blue tail. Reprints of original by Jackson Welsh. Preparations for the Dole flight to Hawaii. The plane took off and disappeared just beyond the Farallon Islands. [Diane Curry, June 13, 1996] The plane was a Buhl Airsedan, biplane. The plane had red wings and nose, a white body, and blue tail. On the side was a logo for Lincoln Oils.
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