Ceremonial trowell (sic), sterling sliver, inscribed "presented by H. Morton Co. to the Y.W.C.A. on the occasion of laying the corner stone of their new building, Oakland, Calif. May 3rd 1914". Remarks: Loan for five years, June 1975 to June 1980. From the History Information Station: Object: Silver souvenir trowel used to ceremonially mortar the cornerstone for a new YWCA building. Inscribed: "Presented by H. Morton Co. to the Young Women's Christian Association on the Occasion of laying The Corner Stone of their new building. Oakland Cal, May 3rd, 1914. History: Oakland's YWCA building was erected at 15th and Webster Streets in 1914. On May 3rd, a large crowd attended the dedication ceremony. After an "orchestral prelude and contralto solo" the cornerstone was laid and Mrs. Walter Henry, chair of the building committee, spread the mortar with this trowel. This building was one of many civic buildings erected in Oakland during the expansive City Beautiful era. It was a period of tremendous population growth as well as enthusiasm about social services, both of which helped the YWCA become an important resource for lodging, information, protection and "Americanization" of young, often immigrant, working girls.

Used: building

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