(On back of photo) "Looking East from Corner of 13th & Harrison, College of Holy Names in background, center, ca. early 1880's, photographer C. E. Watkins, negative in collection of Wyland Stanley, see 69.342." Photograph. Image Description: looking east from corner of 13th and Harrison. College of Holy Names in background center. Physical Description: black and white copy print from glass plate negative, 11.375 x 16.5", mounted on board. Description: 3, 11 x 14" black and white photograph (2 are matted) of Oakland scenes ca. 1870. a): looking East from corner of 13th Street and Harrison, College of Holy Names in background center ca. early 1880's. b): first location of University of California, 12th Street looking East. c): looking south on 12th Street toward Brooklyn and Tubbs Hotel (East 12th and 14th and 6th and 5th Ave. Cameron Stanford Home by the lake. History: these photographs are reproductions of C.E. Watkins photographs owned by Wyland Stanley. We purchased copies from him in 1969 which were blown up and are hanging on the art racks. (See number 69.342) --From the office of C.M. MacGregor (donors (sic) father) who was a contractor and developer in Oakland. Exhibition Label: "Scene in Oakland", Oakland Museum of California March 9 - August 25, 2002 62. Carleton E. Watkins (1829-1916) 13th St. Oakland, c. 1880 Modern print from original albumen print Gift of Mrs. Charlotte Boggs
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