4.1875 in HIGH x 5.5 WIDE
(10.63 cm HIGH x 13.97 cm WIDE)
Gift of Susan Funsch

Ration book. Description: World War II, OPA ration book #3, issued to Robert Canada of San Leandro, California, 4 pages of stamps still inside; folded down center, cover quite worn; (tan cover, blue-grey stamps). From the History Information Station: Object: Ration book, full of ration coupons, issued by the Office of Price Administration. History: This book was issued to Robert Canada of San Leandro. Sugar, coffee, processed foods, red meat, and dairy products were all rationed in 1942. U.S. troops consumed about 40 million pounds of foods each day, and still more U.S. food went to aid the British and French. Shoppers turned in their ration coupons when they bought food each week, and picked up more ration books at the local Price Administration office each month. Gift of Susan Funsch

Used: Robert Canada ~ San Leandro

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