96 in HIGH x 120 in WIDE
(243.84 cm HIGH x 304.80 cm WIDE)
Gift of Shop-n-Buy Market

Pump. Description: gasoline Pump, Wayne model 492, visiblepump (sic), cast iron base designed after columns of Temple of Victory in the Acropolis, Athens, therefore called victory Pump. History: restored by Mario Carrillo 1974. From the History Information Station: Object: Red gasoline pump with glass top, Wayne Tank and Pump Company, 1925. Glass chamber at top with bell-shaped markers with numbers allowed customers to see how much gasoline was being pumped. Insignia "Red Crown," a brand of Standard Oil. History: An advertisment for this gas pump emphasized its "classic design," which incorporates the form of an ionic column from the Temple of Wingless Victory in Athens. The ad reminded station owners that "appearance goes a long way in attracting the trade of the fastidious American public. It is our prediction that the proprietor who selects the Wayne 490 series can call his station a Temple of Victory." One of the pump's more functional advantages was the visible gauge. Gas was pumped into the glass top of the pump, so drivers could see how much fuel was going into their cars. Museum Purchase

Used: gas station

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