The Palomar
c. 1938-1942
1.5 in WIDE
(3.81 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jerry Cimino

The Palomar Cocktail Lounge

The outside of this matchbook features two light blues as background. On the front: "The Palomar Cocktail Lounge, Dance to the music of nationally known orchestras, Vermont Ave. at 3rd Street." A circle features the image of an orchestra on stage, and people dancing, palm trees and some stars. The back: "the Palomar, Vermont at 3rd, Los Angeles. Phone DRexel 7131." A photo image of Charlie Barnet and "Charlie Barnet's Orchestra. Dining, Dancing and Entertainment Center of the West." Inside, in red, it reads: "Try Our PALOMAR TERRACE Hot Weather Specials. also . De Luxe Dinner (Only 90 c) Never a Couvert, Try It Tonight."

Used: souvenir | Advertising | Smoking

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