c. 1930's
30 in HIGH x 30 in WIDE
(76.20 cm HIGH x 76.20 cm WIDE)
Gift of Gary Amari

sign. Description: sign painted on plywood: "U.S.A." WORK PROGRAM W P A" Colors are white, black, red, and what must have been originally blue. History: This was a street sign used in connection with some kind of public work such as road construction, in the 1930's in San Francisco, during Work Project Administration (WPA) programs. This has been in the cellar of the home of donor ever since he has lived there. Donor is now working in Museum for Western Woodcraft Co. From the History Information Station: Object: Sign, "USA Work Program WPA." History: President Franklin Roosevelt's extensive work programs, administered through the Federal Work Projects Administration (WPA), provided job opportunities for many people left unemployed during the Depression of the 1930s. Gift of Gary Amari

Used: WPA

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