Various documents. Description: Assorted labor and political brochures, booklets, etc. a. Booklet: "Shovels and Guns", by James Lasswell. Prepared through Labor Research Assn, 1935. Twenty-four pages. b. Pamphlet. Two-page folded and stapled. "Cash Relief, Unemployment Insurance, Farm Relief." On newsprint. Marked with number "2 68." c. Booklet. "The $60 at 60 Pension Plan: Minimum Security for Our Senior Citizens." Prepared by David Lasser of the Workers Alliance of America and delivered to the House, March 2, 1939. Thirty-two pages. d. Booklet. "Is Japan the Champion of the Colored races?" Issued by The Negro Commission of the National Committee of the Communist Party, USA, Aug. 1938. Fourty-eight pages. e. Booklet. "A Handbook for Project Workers," by Herbert Benjamin. Undated; presumably 1936. f. Booklet. "What is McCarthyism..." Issued by United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America: Undated, Ca. 1953. g. Booklet. "Imperialism Destroys the People of Africa," by James W. Ford, Secreatry of the Harlem Section, Communist Party. Undated, ca. 1931. h. Booklet. "Economic Struggle of Negro Workers." By J. W. Ford. Twenty pages, 1930. Prepared by the Provisional International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers. Has been labeled "2 5". i. Small booklet. "Preamble and Constitution of the Industrial Workers of the World." July 7, 1905; most recent edition, 1922. Seventy-two pages and cover. j. Book, paper back. "Twenty-five Years of Industrial Unionism," prepared by I.W.W. Eighty pages and cover. Undated; ca. 1920's. k. Pamphlet. "The Immediate Demands of the I.W.W." Sixteen pages, undated; 1924? l. Booklet. "I.W.W. Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent," 18th edition. Undated (post 1916). Sixty-four pages and cover. m. Booklet. "One Big Union," published by I.W.W. Undated. Twenty-six pages text, end papers, and cover. Broadside glued in the back cover. Labels "211" and "5 1" on front. n. Booklet. (Unbound except by a metal clip). "The Story of Pacific Coast Japanese Evacuation," by Col. Karl R. Bendetsen, U.S. Army, to Commonwealth Club of S.F. May 20, 1942. Property of Stanford University as of 6/22/42. Other documents are bound w. the aforementioned article: Public Proclamations 1-7 by U.S. Army

Used: African American

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