Annotated Table Of Contents from The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photographic Views Across the Continent
12.8125 HIGH x 18 WIDE
(32.54 HIGH)
Gift of George E. Arnott

This is a single page from "The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photogrpahic Views Across the Continent" that contains an albumen print photograph.

On the front page, printed in black ink within the train theme border in two columns is the fifth page of the annotated table of contents for Plates 41 - 50. Printed below the annotated table of contents is "D.H. Prime. Printer, 15 Laight Street, New York" in tiny black font. The page has a train theme border in red ink. The border shows two train tracks crossing over each other to form the top left and top right corners. The bottom right and bottom left corners show a train on railroad tracks. At the bottom center edge are two tracks that merge at a sunset. A straight line connects to each corner. The border is printed on the front and back of the page.
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