ca. 1955-1960
Gift of J. J. Blaisdell

"Hat's Off", History Changing Gallery, May 6 - June 25, 1977.

Hat (Costume-Theatrical Costumes). Description: Mousketeer hat, Mickey Mouse Club; black felt, edged with small band of synthetic leather, plastic mouse ears, with twill face Mousketeer emblem on front. Very good condition. Dimensions: 7" diameter 5" between tips of mouse ears. Remarks: Exhibited: History Changing Gallery "Hats Off" May 6 - June 25 1977. From the History Information Station: Object: Official mouseketeer hat. History: Walt Disney came to California from the midwest in the early 1920s. In 1928 he introduced Mickey Mouse to the movie-going public, and a decade later Donald Duck was created. These two characters have become among the most enduring Hollywood personalities. After World War II Disney moved away from cartoons by producing live-action films, including science fiction, comedies, and westerns. The "Mickey Mouse Club" television program of the 1950s mixed dramatic segments featuring children, old and new Disney cartoons, and informative segments featuring the "Mouseketeers," a group of child actors. One of the reasons for the program was to interest the public in Disneyland, the Disney company's innovative amusement park in Anaheim, which opened in 1955. Gift of J. J. Blaisdell

Used: Mickey Mouse Club | Mouseketeer | Child | Unisex

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