"Home (mansion) (27 rooms) of Arthur H. Browne, his wife Claire Du Four Browne, and son Arthur Du Four Browne. Address, 1555 Oak St., Oakland, Calif., this picture given by wife Thelma E. Browne, of Arthur Du Four Browne, this April 24, 1975"; (photographer) Pacific Photo Copying Co., 1841 Adeline St., Oakland. Photograph. Description: Photograph, black and white, of house at 1555 Oak St., Oakland, Calif. (glossy). Condition good. Dimensions: 9 32/8" x 7 3/4". History: Home of Arthur H. Browne and his wife Claire DuFour Browne and their son (donor's late husband) Arthur DuFore Browne; this building no longer stands, was located next to Scottish Rite Temple.
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