Social occasions announcements. Description: a: An invitation to the "13th Anniversary Ball, Western Shore Lodge, No. 71 B.R.T. Oakland, Cal, Dec. 29, 1898. It is in the shape of the end of the caboose. There is a door which opens and lists the officers and dances. The caboose is red, brown and white. On the back side of it is a list of committees for the ball. Printed by Brunt Press, 535 Clay St. S.F. a: Dimensions: 4" x 5-5/8" a: Condition: fragile condition b: Program for OAKLAND Public School Concerts -- MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM, Year unknown. for Thursday Evening, May 20 and Friday Evening, May 21. The program is in the center of the paper, the programme for Thursday is on the top portion and the programme for Friday is on the bottom portion of the page..On the back of the program is the STAR SPANGLED BANNER AND AMERICA. b: Dimensions: 3-3/4" x 6" b: Condition: has been folded in the middle and at the top. c: Invitation for "Saturday Nite Spent Rite," at First Church, Oakland. It is for October 10, year unknown. Green paper with black print. Man at top left corner, woman at lower middle right side with telephone receivers talking. Back side says, "OAKLAND'S EAST BAY, YOUTH FOR CHRIST 1400 JACKSON STREET, OAKLAND, 12, CALIFORNIA. Bottom right corner, man with picket sign, "BE THERE." c: Dimensions: 4" x 6" c: Condition: good.
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