Misc. magazine pages showing fashion numbers. Description. a: "249D - LADIES' TOILETTES -250D." P.592 is, "251D LADIES' WAISTS - 252D." Both are illustrated in B/W. b: Page from fashion publication. NEW YORK FASHIONS, 1909, National Cloak and Suit Co. New York City. One side is illustration in color of a woman with a parasol. This side is stained, illustration is by Howard Chandler Christy. The other side is ads and a testimonial by the funding bank. c: Magazine clipping from an unidentified magazine, Dec. 1908. The article is, "At The Parisian Skating Palace." The other side, p.887, is, "Fashions As They Are." d: Fashion page from THE LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, Sept. 1911. One side illus. "THE SPECIAL OCCASION DRESS," the other side, "For the Evening Party." e: P.65/66 from unidentified, undated magazine. Possibly ca. 1900. P.65 shows "Dressing on Dimes," two undergarments. P.66 is B/W and lt. orange illustration of, "THE MIDWINTER COTILLION. Whose Limited Invitation List Causes More Heart-Burnings Than Any Other Society Event," "In Chicago Society --Page 85." f: Double magazine page from SMITH'S MAGAZINE, about 1905, September. The front page has, "A SMART SHIRT-WAIST SUIT" Suit is illustrated and described. Next page is "FALL FASHION NOTES," The last two pages are "WHAT THE EDITOR HAS TO SAY." g: Newspaper clipping from an unidentified, undated (probably ca. 1915) paper showing, "Feminine Fashions of a Century, In Silhouette." h: Newspaper clipping from THE BERKELEY INDEPENDENT, TUESDAY, SEPT. 24, 1912 showing, "FASHIONS ALTER, OLD AND NEW, BUT WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF HEARTS ARE TRUE?" Silhouettes a century of fashions. i: Magazine clipping from an undated, unidentiied (magazine?) Circa 1915. Shows, full color illustration of a Woman in a standing pose applying lipstick. Vanity with flowers and candles, is red. She is dressed in a blue flowered coat and a yellow skirt. Purple hat. Other side is a B/W ad for, "The New Dovelet Collar." j: Full color fashion illustration by Brill, ca. 1915 of a seated woman with a parrot. She is in white with an array of robes and drapery about her. Dimensions: a: 8" x 11-1/8?" f: 6-5/8" x 9-3/8 b: 7-3/8 x 9-5/8" g: 5-3/4 x 4-5/8" c: 7 1/2" x 9 1/4" h: 13 1/2" x 5" d: 6-3/4" x 9-3/4" i: 9" x 11-7/8" e: 8 1/4" x 11" j: 7-1/8" x 9 1/2" Condition: a and c are ripped from the magazine and c is in bad condition. All pages are yellowed to a degree and the paper has become brittle. `f' is ripped where the staples once were.

Used: Smith's ~ magazine

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