Gift of Mr. James Thomas-Stahle

"Since You Went Away", San Mateo County Historical Society, Oct. 1981 - Jan. 1982

Scarf (Costume-Uniform-Accessory). Description: Scarf printed with map and used by R.A.A.F. Air Force staff memebers as means of identification in case of crash. This scarf is rectangular in shape, printed in color with map of Minadanao Island in the Philippines and inserts of Palau, Jolo, Karakelang and Celebes islands. Map is in scale with statue miles indicated. The map was printed in August of 1944, under the directions of R.A.A.F. Headquarters. Such scarves were worn by most R.A.A.F. and Australian Air Force staff during WWII. Remarks: Exhibited: "Since You Went Away", San Mateo Co. Hist. Soc., Oct. 1981 - Jan 1982.

Used: Australian Air Force | R.A.A.F. Air Force | World War II

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