ca. 1840
11 in HIGH x 14 in WIDE x 4 in DEEP
(27.94 cm HIGH x 35.56 cm WIDE x 10.16 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

"Frontier Medicine", Breuner Gallery, May 9 - Aug. 3, 1980

Card 1 of2 Dental equipment box and contents. Description: Dental equipment box and contents. A: Rosewood box with brass fittings, name plate engraved "E.F. Hough, Cleveland Ohio." Lined with purple velvet, two velvet lined drawers. B: key to dental equipment box, thumb hole top, flange broken off. C: photograph of Dr. Hough, studio pose ca. 1870, "Carte de Vista." D: package of tin foil leaves in paper book "No. 6 Tin Foil, Francis H. Griswolds Superior Tin Foil, Albany, New York. (One sheet remains.) Continued on back of this card... [Card 2] ZZ-KKK: surgical and tooth pulling instruments, double handles scored for grip, inter-lock pivot for blades, stamped "F. Arnold". LLL-NNN: dental instruments, steel blade, hook, gouge, drill, all with black lacquered turned wooden handles. OOO: dental instrument, steel blade, and shank, two piece wooden handle. PPP: piece of chamois with puffsof raw cotton attached. QQQ: vial of mercury with cork. History: Dental equipment box abd contents belongong to Dr. E.F. Hough (Earl Farrington). Born in 1823, came to Sacramento in 1843, practiced dentistry there, Sonora Mines, San Francisco, Ygnacio Valley, finally settling in Martinez, practising until his death in 1894. Remarks: Exhibited: "Frontier Medicine," Breuner Gallery, May 9 - Aug. 3, 1980.

Used: Dr. Earl Farrington Hough | Dentistry | No. 6 Tin Foil

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