ca. 1890
4.5 in HIGH x 4.5 in WIDE
(11.43 cm HIGH x 11.43 cm WIDE)
Gift of Ruth Bayless

This card is made up of two parts, A-B. The fox is A and the man is B. (TKP 9/24/2010) Advertising card for "Lion Coffee", card in shape of fox with detachable rider upon whose hat is written "Lion Coffee". ca. 1890. Inez Brooks-Myers, July 17, 2009: The rider is a Brownie.

Inez Brooks-Myers, July 17, 2009: Palmer Cox (author and illustrator) created the "Brownie" characters in 1879. According to Wikipedia, he was born in Quebec, Canada in 1840, moving to San Francisco in 1863 to work as a railroad contractor until 1875. Starting in 1874 he submited illustrated stories to "Golden Era" and "Alta California." Although the "Brownies" were created earlier, they were printed in their final form in the February, 1881, issue of "Wide Awake" magazine. "The Brownies, Their Book" was published in 1887. The Brownies also appear in "St. Nicholas Magazine," "Ladies Home Journal," etc. He died in 1924 at the age of 84. The populairy of the Brownies made them natural advertising agents for various products.

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