Gift of Michelle Middleton

"The Great American Foot Show", De Young Museum, June 22, 1976 to Sept. 1, 1976 | "In the Swim", Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 6-6-78 to 8-27-78

Beach sandals.  Description: Beach sandals, one pair, brown lacquered wooden platform sole hinged at ball of foot with canvas straps of beige and brown, closed heel, almost closed toe, with brown shoe string tie around ankle; "Bally", made in Switzerland; A: right, B: left.  Condition very good.  History: Donor's mother-in-law wore them on Bay Area beaches in the 1940's, while in her early 20's.  Remarks: Stylish sandals in fine condition, could easily be displayed.  Exhibited by the De Young Museum in show entitled "The Great American Foot Show", June 22, 1976 to Set. 1, 1976.  Exhibited by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art "In the Swim" 6-6-78 -- 8-27-78.

From the History Information Station:
Object:  Sandals with hinged wooden platform soles which date to the 1940s.  They were made by Bally of Switzerland.

History:  These sandals were designed to be worn on the beach, their thick soles keeping manicured toes out of the sand.  They might be worn with a swimsuit, or with a play suit.  Play suits were cool and casual combinations of shorts, skirts, and tops.

Used: Bally

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