"#680R, Zenith Stock Saddle, full waffle stamped - tree, Montana, Marswells or Colorado Nelson. Beef hide covered, 15 1/2" bulge front; horn, Steel rawhide braided; seat, solid with seat cantle and jockeys one piece, hand sewed bound cantel; skirts, round butterfly pattern, 26' long, 13" deep; latigos, 2" latigo leather to tie one side, 2" skirting leather to buckle other side; fenders, 9" wide, 18" long; stirrup leathers, 3" half double to lace; stirrups, #30l - 1 1/2 brass bound ox bow, leathered; cinch, #287, diamond center, hard hair leathered ends, one buckle tongue; rig, 3/4; No. 680 - same only square skirts". Photograph. Description: A photo of a "Zenith Stock Saddle #680R." a description of the parts on back of photo. Black & white print, 6 7/8 x 4 3/4".

Used: Starr Saddle Shop

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