Photographs. Description: a-b: Photographer, Chas. Klinkner, Jr. a-b: Black and white photographs of Bay Public School, Klinknerville, Oakland, CA. 'A' is original and is unmatted, 'B' Glossy copy matted on grey cardboard with detailed information about school written on back. c: Photograph of the One Hundred-fo ur(104) pupils at Bay Public School, Dec. 8, 1888, with names of all written on back of the dark brown matting. Condition: Good, b-c: matting worn, especially at corners. a: 12 x 17 1/2 cm. b: 19 x 24 1/2 cm. c: 13 x 21 1/2 cm. "Ca. 1884, San Pablo & 62nd St." Remarks: Collection of photographs, artifacts from three generations of Klinkner Family History of Golden Gate Elementary School (P.Lau, 8/2002) Golden Gate Elementary School, located at 62nd and San Pablo Ave., was built in 1890. Bay Public school (its original name) was annexed to the Oakland system in 1897, and became Bay Junior High school in 1920. A new brick building was built in 1922, but it was found necessary to reconstruct it in 1928 on account of the earthquake hazard. In 1921, the name was changed to Golden Gate Elementary School.
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