4 in HIGH x 10.5 in WIDE x 10 in DEEP
(10.16 cm HIGH x 26.67 cm WIDE x 25.40 cm DEEP)
Gift of Miss Helen Markinson

Hat. Description: Hat, straw frame covered with yellow silk print with abstract cream colored flower and tree forms, vermillion cross hatching; crown shaped to head at back, flattens on top, no brim at back, brim splits in front, curls backwards; yellow veiling tied with small knots of red felt (worn over the back of the hat). Condition: a few spots, but generally very good condition. 10 1/2" x 10" x 4". . Remarks: Donor made this hat to match dress. Cloth is good indication of the date. Elaborate, curved back. (Joan Severa, 3/10/1994)

Used: adult | Female | Helen Markison

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