Gift of Howard Carmack

"Oakland Revisited," History Changing Gallery, Feb. 26 - April 24, 1977.

Lantern. Description: Brass and amber glass Venetian styled lantern with crooked-neck pole. Brass has blue-green patina. Lantern is eight sided, tapering to a point at the top and bottom. Near the base of the pole is a metal plate with the names of Captian John R. Fleming and Abbie J. Fleming. Base of pole is iron painted dark green (24 inch diameter). Condition: Very good, iron base is rusting. Lantern is operable. 16 feet x 5 inches diameter. History: The lantern was part of Lake Merritt's famed "Necklace of Lights" from 1925 to the 1950's. It was stored in the basement of the Fire Alarm Control Bldg. at the Cultural Complex until it was restored for use in the "Oakland Revisited" Exhibit of 1977. The pole was removed from a location near the lake to the museum by the city. Remarks: Electrical Dept. The lantern was erected in the musuem's garden on the second level in July of 1977.

Used: Lake Merritt | Necklace of Lights

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