Photograph. Description: Interior view of school classroom. Mounted on cardboard. Students seated at their desks with teacher in back of room. Condition: Poor, photograph faded and brown spots on mounting. 8" x 9-3/4". History: Class of Bay School - classroom - names of students and teacher written on back of photograph. Photographer: B. F. Howand. 283 - 3rd. St., Oakland, Cal. (on back) "1st row, left from front to back of room - blank; Jennie Pedlar; Millie McGann; Alice Sweeney; Ard Sparnau (dead); 2nd row - Harry Mills; Emma Bechi; Lottie Leech; Emma Slosson; Elsa Hunt; Nellie Hogan; Lillie Storm; 3rd row - Louis Hasselbacher (dead); George Althausen; Grace Miller (dead); Ben Frohin; Anna Wiedt (dead); Kate Storm (dead); Gertie Dillon; blank; 4th row - Erica Whiteside; Adolph Dieckmann (dead); Charley Cramer; Flora Riley; Mary Kereck; blank; Florence Howell; Edith Pictou; blank; 5th row - Estelle Turner; Henry Deming; Florence Mekie; Jack Westphal; Walter McMenomy (dead); Charley Christensen; Jack Slater; teacher, Elizabeth H. Stokes; Elsa Hunt Roach, 1028 59th St." History of Golden Gate Elementary School (P.Lau, 8/2002) Golden Gate Elementary School, located at 62nd and San Pablo Ave., was built in 1890. Bay Public school (its original name) was annexed to the Oakland system in 1897, and became Bay Junior High school in 1920. A new brick building was built in 1922, but it was found necessary to reconstruct it in 1928 on account of the earthquake hazard. In 1921, the name was changed to Golden Gate Elementary School.
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