photograph. Description: View of hall and entrance of Bay School, mounted on board. Newspaper clipping glued to back of photograph. Condition: Poor, deteriorated and brown spots. 9-7/8 x 11-7/8". History: Interior of Bay School, located in Golden Gate District, San Pablo Ave., North Oakalnd. This school later became Golden Gate School. (On front) "Hallway in Bay Public School, built 1902"; (on back) newspaper clipping "59th St. Pioneer Moves", "Klinknerville's Last Landmark Goes", from Oakland Tribune, Nov. 8, 1941; (written on back) "Chas. A. and Katherine Klinkner first lived on Marshall St. Fred was born there. Later they built the large home on the west side of San Pablo Ave., between Stanford and Klinkner Ave. (59th St.) in 1884", (signed) "Elsa Hunt Roach, 1028 59th St."; (see article for reference to Del Monte Hotel "Klinkner built the old Del Monte Hotel at the n/w corner of 59th & San Pablo")
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