Photograph. Description: Photograph, black and white toned photo of school children on the steps of Franklin school; school class portrait probably junior high level; 2 boys on left holding Oakland banner, boy and two girls in the center holding school banner, 2 boys at right holding California banner. Photo been mounted on black board. Condition very good, pencil writing on margins of mount board. 7" x 10". History: Photo by Hugo Weitz. this belongs to Olivette Pridrany"; names on back as follows; "Vernon Griffith, Paul Wuthe, Jr. (deceased), Von Lipe (non-grad), August Purdy, Wilfrid Randal (married), George Meader, Jack Randolph, Waldin Williams (UC med school), Louise Mann (married), Marjorie Van Loon (non grad), Mr. Chandler, principal (gone), Mrs. Cromwell, teacher, Myrtle Williams (married), Jessie Craddock (married), Carol Pond (married) Edith Dewing, Claude Coldwell, Louis Egenburger, Aileen Morgans (married), Gladys Robinson (married), Virginia Bluet (married), Laura Morehouse, Olivette Pridrany, Rudolph Mathison, Ralph Wooley, Norma Combs, Ruth Kars (married), Edwin Perkins (married), James Cottrell (U.C.), Esther Carlson (married), Pearl Jones, Eldon Parsons (married), Florence Rodrigues (married), Mildred Coofburrow (married), Burton Robinson (married), Bryan Shidler", ca. 1911"
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