ca. 1920-1930's
Gift of Alameda Commondary Knights Templar No. 58 and Alameda Chapter No. 70 Royal Arch Masons

Movie projector. Description: 35mm projector using Carbon-Arc. Black iron stand with gold and blue band & gold scalloped design. The stand has a plaque which reads "Motiograph. Trademark pateneted. E.O. Mfg. Co., Chicago, USA.". Two tin film cannisters, black, the top one stenciled "Motiograph. Chicago" in gold. Several wooden knobs and handles. Large magnifying glass attached. Condition: no visible damage. 4'4" wide x 5'5" high (see drawing). History: "This projector was used in the first movie theater in Alameda until 1920."

Used: motiograph | Alameda

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